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Pictures by Inès Monnet Certain designs are just timeless, just like the Jil Sander genius veiled beanie idea that I fell in love with. As the real McCoy was beyond my student budget, I DIY-ed a black one I found at H&M Men. It has since become my winter essential. This goes nicely with a… Read More »

Black and Beige

Pictures by Inès Monnet I would have loved to wear my maxi skirt with just a tank top. However, winter obliges. To break from all this black, I put on this beige-nude suede jacket. Although I own few clothes of this color, I enjoy wearing it a lot lately (as you may have noticed on… Read More »

Pictures by David F.  Editing by me Conventional fashion wisdom would forbid you to mix a mid-length lace trim skirt with a sweater-dress and a long Mao-collar coat. However, I believe the first rule in fashion is that there are no rules. Instead, have fun experimenting, make “mistakes” and learn from them. It was with… Read More »

Kling Inspo

Pictures by Alison L. Editing by me Elin Kling has always been a big style inspiration for me. I remember obsessing over this pair of shoes from her first RTW “Nowhere” collection. For this outfit, I wore them with my new Miopo skirt, a bralette visible under my Zara tank top, H&M coat & bag. … Read More »

Pépit9s In the Wind

Pictures by Inès Monnet One challenge of outdoor photoshoots involves finding a nice backdrop that plays up the outfit. On the day of this shoot, the light was rather harsh and the surroundings too green for the look I planned. So we tried several places before landing on the “right” spot (though we still had… Read More »

Outfit by the Lake

Pictures by David F. Editing by me David and I took opportunity of the great natural light to go for a shoot by the lake. The breathtaking scenery always reminds me how blessed I am to live in such a beautiful country. I wore a Sud Express fringe poncho over a white shirt, black jeans… Read More »

The Cleansing Cycle

Pictures by Inès Monnet After a few weeks of not shooting with Inès, it is good to have her back from Portugal! We will be working on several new projects this year and I can’t hardly wait to share them with you. Talking about 2015, I wanted to start “afresh” with a detox from Private… Read More »

Pictures by David F.  Editing by me For our backdrop, David and I found this stairway bathed in the magical afternoon light in the Parc de Milan. Once again, I found myself under-dressed in a floral shirt with a Maje cape, and my leather pants and cut-out boots for the bottom. Freezing in the cold… Read More »

Pictures by David F. Editing by me If you keep acquiring new clothes (like me), your wardrobe will soon be bursting at its seams (like mine). My room is already pretty big with built-in closets but I wish I could fit in another wardrobe. As each item has a story or souvenir to it, I… Read More »

Birthday Giveaway!

I celebrate my birthday on the 23rd January, YEAH!!! I would be lying if I said I didn’t like getting presents. Nonetheless, I value creating memories with friends over a good party, with good music of course. Appropriately for this event, Logitech and Blaastyle are organizing a special giveaway! Be the lucky one to win… Read More »