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Oversized Sundays

Pictures by David F. Don’t we all long to stay cuddly all day in our PJ’s on Sundays and not to bother dressing up? Alright, staying in PJ’s is perhaps overdoing it, so I went for a Maison Margiela navy oversized dress with a pair of high heel booties. In keeping with a “lazy” yet… Read More »

Let it Snow

Pictures by David F.   Editing by me Dressing up for the winter is always a challenge. A good pair of shoes for the snow are most of the time not the sexiest, and you layer up for the cold till you look bloated like a balloon. But the grudge we hold against winter never lasts… Read More »

Unintentional Secret

Pictures by David F. I have never hidden the fact that I am nearsighted. I just don’t like tot take pictures with my glasses on or attend events wearing them. But I have been so fond of my new Tom Ford frames, I had to post a look wearing them. So here is the very… Read More »

Let’s do it

Pictures by Alison Liaudat  Editing by me The other day I had to go to Biel to get a portrait shot for an upcoming project. Despite the glamor that this trip implied, I slept in late and was a in rush to get ready. So I quickly put on my new Nike bought at FashionFriends,… Read More »

Baby Pink Darkness

Pictures by Inès Monnet How do you go about creating looks when your wardrobe doesn’t seem to go along with your mood? Of late, I am getting increasingly tired of vivid colors. Thus, I wore an all-black outfit and added just a twist of color with my River Island baby pink coat. As if it… Read More »

Winter Buddies

Pictures by Inès Monnet We all own an indestructible and fashion-proof pair of shoes which can confront the most terrifying of winters. Mine are these Doc Martens I got more than 5 years ago and which have never ever let me down. My only “mistake” was to have chosen the shiny red croco model –… Read More »

Arrivederci 2014

The year has passed so fast that I still remember celebrating the New Year of 2014 as if it was yesterday. Well, 2014 has been an eventful year for me – living six months in St. Gallen, graduating from University, and blogging almost full-time in the last three months. I can only be grateful for… Read More »

Poncho Everywhere

Pictures by David F. Since autumn, I see more and more ponchos – edgy, fringed, boho, you name it. Inevitably I got tempted to try styling this piece. I had a big coup de coeur for this Sud Express asymmetrical design. I layered it over a same color sweater and wore jeggings with heels. The… Read More »

Leathery Look

Pictures By Alison L. On the 2nd December, I went to Zürich for a special blogger event held by Swiss brand We first met with one of the founders, Willy who proceeded to explain how the brand stood for creativity, authenticity and open-mindedness. We were not only shown their range of products but… Read More »

Leo Mood

Pictures by Inès Monnet I remember how fond I used to be of this leopard coat that I would wear it everyday with everything. Well, I actually still quite like it. This time, I put on a big sweater over a white shirt, a mini lace trim skirt and my favorite cut-out booties. I also… Read More »