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Middle Way

Pictures by Inès Monnet  Winston Churchill purportedly once said, “A speech should be like a skirt – long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to maintain interest.” Not too long, not too short, but everything in the middle also seems to be the mantra from designers in their Autumn-Winter 2015 runway shows. The… Read More »

Grocery Shopping in Style

Pictures by Inès Monnet I occasionally post shopping deals and trends on Facebook. For example, I featured this pink Oasap trench coat back in December. To my great surprise, my friends bought it for me as a birthday present! I also received a matching pink Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case. I was deeply moved… Read More »

Broken Rules

Pictures by Inès Monnet Rules are made to be broken, right? At least or particularly in fashion. I often discuss what to wear according to your body type. The common wisdom is to avoid oversized or maxi clothes if you are petite. Miroslava Duma (known for being very petite) still looks fabulous even in the… Read More »