Ok new shoes, new bag, I love this feeling of ‘new’! The scenery of Lausanne by the lake is amazing, I realize sometimes how lucky I am to live in such a wonderful country. I really went back for a more classical look, wearing all black. But it’s so easy and pratical to dress-up this way. Trying something new again with my nail polish, colorful and fresh, the new feeling of the ‘OPI’. I’m a fan of this brand, they have so many different colors. Anyways, here’s the lookbook of the day, with my lovely friend Soraya who’s very stylish, hu-hue. She’s wearing all Vintage except the Pants from Paris and the phone purse from Bershka. The pictures she has taken turn out pretty well, thank you. I would like also to thanks everyone for the great support you have given me lately, I’ll do my best. X enjoy

Wearing: PedderRed shoes, McQueen scarf, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag, IMC tshirt, H&M pants,  Forever21 ring and necklace, Guerlin lipstick, all OPI nail polish except the turquoise Chanel.