Month: July 2012


THE LIGHTING was really bad when I took the pictures. You can’t really see but I was wearing an asymetrical top very long behind and short in front. Actually, the top looks more orangy on the picture that it really is. The braid you see is not a hairband, it’s my real hair.  Wearing: H&M/Top… Read More »


NOW THAT I look at the pictures I know I made the right choice with my shoes. The dress I’m wearing is from an old collection of H&M, it was love at first sight. What I like about it is that it has a bit of a retro style. The jacket I bought was perfect… Read More »


SHOE, SHOE, SHOE, always shoes… I think I can never get tired of buying a new pair of shoe (and that applies also to clothes and accessories). I’ve writen on my previous post how I was hesitating to take this beautiful Guiseppe Zanotti. In the end, I still bought them and I’m just too happy… Read More »


FOR THE THIRD UES event, the theme was ‘Zeste de Fraîcheur en Été’. There was a small stand with a barman teaching us how to do random cocktail. I basically love all drinks with berries, and these two cocktails I tried were just too yummy! I don’t remember which alcohol was in it, but they… Read More »


I HAVE LOTS of picture to edit and post. I can’t wait to show them to you. So this is the outfit I was wearing at the UES event. For this third Frippery they did ‘Un Atelier Cocktail‘. I will talk about it more in my next post. The bracelet I’m wearing is a creation… Read More »


NEW IN MY WARDROBE, a Sandro dress I got on sale. I have spotted a pair of shoes, Giuseppe Zanotti, in a boutique called Charivari in downtown Lausanne. I just can’t get them out of my mind. It’s so difficult to choose between spending my money on this shoes or wait since I’m going to… Read More »


I BOUGHT this eacuff the other day in H&M. The design is incredible, isn’t it? How do you find it, yay or nay? And as usual for the make-up I’m mostly wearing MAC product except for the macara and lipstick.