LATELY THE WEATHER has been so nice that when the other it was a bit cold I thought it was fall. Obviously it wasn’t and I had to change later in the day. Last wednesday I went in Vich next to Gland to visit for the second time Omnitrade Showroom and meet with sweet Macha who lent me some of the showroom’s clothes. This is my first time collaborating with them and I’m super excited about it. At the showroom they had awesome clothes. Seriously, if I could, I would have taken everything there. And now that I have them with me I don’t want to return them to Omnitrade. I’m wearing a knit from the brand A+RO. I love how the back is open. I have always had a hard time finding a knit that would suit myself and this one was just perfect. The material is comfy cause it’s not to heavy and the color is different from what you usually see. It would have been better to wear it with a cooler weather though. I have borrowed also another dress from the same brand, I won’t tell more about it but I can’t wait to show you how beautiful it is.

A+RO/Open Back Knit, Zara/Heels & Skirt, 3.1  Phillip Lim/Bag, Some random watch from a market in Singapore