Modern Vintage

7 DAYS, 7 OUTFITS, ONE THEME, I had this idea in my mind for quite a while now. I will post everyday during a week seven different outfits with a theme. I wanted it to be different than my usual outfits’ post by adding a theme and show you how you can mix it in your everyday life/outfit. For the first edition, the theme is Vintage. I think that Vintage is often qualified as ‘hard to wear’ by most who actually mistaken Vintage total looks with only a simple Vintage item you can add with your other modern clothes. It’s all about details. This is why the title of my first ‘Blog Fashion Week’ is Moderne Vintage. To make it different than the usual, I had on this project people collaborating with me.

I want to thanks, makeup artist Michael Chezzi who’s just so adorable and he does some crazy makeup. If you want to see more of his work I recommend you to have a look at his blog:

Thank you to a friend photographer of mine, Younès, who’s just started an artistic school in Lausanne. Talented and with amazing ideas, we had lots of fun doing the shooting. Have also a look at his blog,

Thank you to Muriel from Chabada Vintage. She owns a little store in downtown Lausanne, somewhat hidden by the architecture of the building, in which you can find some Vintage treasures. She lent me beautiful pieces for the shooting. If you haven’t gone to her store then run there! You can find her on facebook for more details, but also on her blog,

And thank you to Mireille from la robe de mes rêves for lending me beautiful clothes. She sells Vintage clothing for good prices on the internet and has got an amazing dressing room in which you can find treasures too. You can either order from the web or visit her. For more details, here’s her facebook page and blog,