MV 07082012

Makeup: Michael Chezzi

SECOND OUTFITS of this week, how do you find it? The dress is so lovely prefect for an afternoon tea. Maybe without the gloves would look less vintage. If you want to make it look more simple, wear the dress with flats and hair tied up (poneytail). On the second picture you can see better the work of Michael, an amazing brown smoky eyes with a very light orangy gloss. At first, we should have taken only pictures of one outfit but we ended up doing two. This is what you call a real oversized shoulder leather jacket. They make my arms look huuuge. Hèrmes scarves are the most beautiful, they have amazing prints (It’s my mum’s one). I hope during that during this week your view on Vintage has changed a bit.
Wearing #1 – (mine) Zara/Shoes – (Chabada Vintage) Dress & Gloves
Wearing #2 – (mine) Oversized Schouler jacket, H&M/Pants & Shirt, Hermès/Scraf, Yves Saint Laurent/Earring, Vintage/Belt.