Layer Doma Leather

Wearing: Zara/Shoes & Shirt, H&M/Shorts, No brand Tee, Doma Leather/Vest (Thank you to Omnitrade Fashion).

THERE YOU GO a new outfit post. Thank you to Omnitrade Fashion to have lend me wonderful leather vest from the Doma Leather SS 2012 collection. They have wonderful leather jackets. I am just in love with this brand. I have already spotted for this winter a sheep fur and leather jacket I’d love to have in my wardrobe. If you don’t know Doma Leather visit their website! Vests are one of my favorite item in clothes. You can wear it over a simple tee and it gives a completely different look. With the weather we have it’s quite difficult to choose the perfect outfit. My tip with this inbetween season weather is to either wear something warm for the bottom, example pants and boots, and for the top wear something less covering a tee + vest (always carry a cotton jacket with you). Or the other way round such as I’m wearing on the pictures. I went for a short and for the top I layered a tshirt, shirt and vest. Anyways how do you find this outfit?