Let’s try Glossybox

THE OTHER DAY when I came back home I saw a big mailing box on my desk. As I opened it, I discovered this cute pastel pink GLOSSYBOX. I was excited to see what was hiding inside. The logo with its little crown and the box color was very appealing to me. I opened it and saw the presentation, I was charmed: the cute little pink ribbon, the crown logo sticker and the products all wrapped in black. On the card is explained various things on the products. I really like the GLOSSYBOX concept, cause as I love beauty products but am very lazy to look for the perfect one, so this is the ideal deal. I was very happy and enthusiastic about testing it when they contacted me. Anyways, let’s talk about the content of it.
In the GLOSSYBOX there are 5 miniature cosmetic trend. In this month version, you can find a Maria Galland lipgloss, Kiehl’s ultra facial moisturizer, Lancôme généfique, L’Oréal Paris nailpolish and Paul Mitchell shampoo. Since it was already late in the evening  and I was preparing to relax at home, the first product that I tried was the Kiehl’s moisturizer. The texture is very light and doesn’t have a strong smell. Those are two points on which I am very cautious. I don’t like when the moisturizer has a strong smell and is greasy. The next morning, my skin was soft and nourished. I recommend you to try it! Then in my usual routine, I applied the nailpolish before starting blogging. I like unusual color and this one just fit perfectly in my collection. I don’t know if it’s one of my crazy sides, but when I like the nailpolish I am wearing I look at my hand from afar and sort of mentally nod. And this is what I did, hu-hue. Moving on to the Maria Galland lipgloss, when I saw the color I was like this is totally not something I would wear. Bad reaction, because when I tried it on I was delighted to see that actually it was not at all the bright red color that you see. Once on the lips, it’s actually very discrete and makes them look a bit more redish and makes you look better than without it. This monday I came back from holiday at the beach and my hair are awfully dry. The shampoo was just perfect for the situation. In one wash I could see the difference. They were nourished and silky. Généfique is rather for older skin type, but why not try it? Suprising effect, it nourished my skin so well that on the parts I applied it, leaving it very soft. 
Anyways, I am very happy to have tested GLOSSYBOX. The product inside are all good and I am going to keep the cute box to store ‘mon bric à brac’. I think it’s definitely something you should also test. Now, I’m curious to see what is going to be inside the next month’s one, arent you?! If you also want to try a it and discover different beauty product without having to bother and look for them, you can order a box on their website. Stay tuned for the next post!