Avinas at Showroom Edelweiss

THE LAST TWO WEEKS were filled with delightful events! I want to say a big thank you to Vanessa for inviting me to the Showroom Edelweiss held in the Tiffany hotel in Geneva (Edeweiss is the premier Swiss fashion magazine www.edelweissmag.com). 
There, I discovered many talented Swiss designers and had also the occasion to meet Swiss bloggers.  It was such a pleasure to meet Soraya Bakhtiar, whose blog I have been following for  while. She is currently based in London but often visit her hometown Geneva. I also met other bloggers such as Florence from Secret of Style, Kristina from Kayture, Anne Sophie from Magik Cosmetic, Jasmine from Mine Vander (a talented illustrator). We had a nice time over a drink talking about the pleasure and difficulties of blogging in Switzerland. But moving on to the designers… Let’s talk about Avinas Jewelry!

The Edelweiss Showroom also includes jewelry. In particular, I met Fabienne the designer of Avinas jewelry. She presented a silver and platted gold collecton of rings, necklaces earrings all sets with zirconia. They are exactly the easy-to-wear pieces I need! Fabienne got into the business quite by accident. Once on a trip to New York,  she bought a few jewelry pieces for herself and her friends in Switzerland just loved them. It gave her the idea of collaborating with the designer to sell them in Switzerland. But the long distance made things rather complicated. So she asked: but why not do it myself? This is how she started designing and selling jewelry while still a student. Check out Avina’s website if you want to see more and (why not?) buy her creations online.

 Tomorrow I will show you more of the Showroom. Until then, stay tuned.