Fashion weekend with Viva Frida

     Wearing: Viva Frida/Sweater & Skirt, Mango/Jacket

I want to
talk here about a special collaboration I had with Viva Frida. The founder and
designer of the brand, Barbara Waldesbühl. 
Her colorfully stylish collections are often inspired by the Indian and
Latin American cultures.  In her days as
a business student, Barbara was already into fashion.  However, it was only after a few years
working in Human Resources that she set out to seek new experiences.  She set out to India to film a documentary,
and it spurred her to create her first collection.  This was how Viva Frida got started.  The name comes from Frida Kahlo, the iconic
Mexican painter.  In her, Barbara saw
much of herself: strong, bold and passionate. 
To introduce you to Viva Frida, I chose three outfits from her regular
and modernized vintage lines.  I hope you
take to the clothes and to Barbara as much as I do.  
Viva Frida!