Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days #1

Javier Reyes
Portenier Roth
Little Black Dress

I WAS VERY PRIVILGED to be invited to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich (MBFDZ) held last week. It is kind of the Swiss version of the Fashion Week that they do in Paris or Milan. I chose to go first to Friday’s “Swiss Designers Show” with the theme of “An Homage to Diversity”. I wore my black maxi skirt and sequin vintage vest. I accessorized it with a Zara wing belt. The vest already shines by itself so I thought it would be a shame to put on too much jewelry.
I was received at the VIP tent with a glass of Pimp and had a couple of pictures taken on the red carpet. There I met my friend bloggers and went through the stalls of the different sponsors. But to be honest, I was way too excited and impatient to see the show of the Swiss designers, and the Fibers & Yarns Award.
At nine o’clock, we were invited to take our seats and to my surprise found myself in the front row! How much better can it get!? The show started with Wensibo. The Asian designers presented studies of geometrical forms with many different materials. They were indeed impressive. In fact, I was so caught by the flow that I even forgot to take pictures. There were a few statement pieces featuring a strong cut juxtaposed with fine detailing. My favorite piece was the bi-colored dress. The top was sharp, gray and glittering, while the lower part had a contrasting fluffy shape. My curiosity was piqued as to how they build these clothes. Though they are almost unwearable, their designs were refreshing for the eyes, and they also demonstrate the sophistication of their craftmanship.
Javier Reyes presented the second show with a collection which is feminine, fluid and light. There were no aggressive colors, and the fabrics waved in the air as the models walked. I appreciated Reyes’ vision of the refined woman.
Next, Portenier Roth greeted us with amplitude, colors and leather. The gradients you see on the clothes are created by the designers themselves, working with colors directly onto the fabric. You can see the quality through the cut and texture. The silver skirt was the piece that really seduced me – I want it!
I had never heard of Kazu. So I was well surprised to discover a collection with warm tones and prints inspired by animals and nature. We saw amazing maxi giraffe print skirts, and also a lovely pink dress with bird prints. The clothes didn’t have any distinctive cuts but carry a feeling of lightness. I would say the prints were really the trademark of this collection. The piece that left the strongest impression on me was the dress with abstract prints worn by the beautiful short-hair model.
As always, I keep my favorite for the end, and this time it was Little Black dress. I have already seen some of their work at both Mode Suisse events. But this time, the two designers presented a stunning white collection. The feeling that the dresses inspired as they went by was… beyond words. This time, I wanted each and every one of them! There was this maxi dress all in sequin stripped transparent and nude. Then there was the one with little detailed flowers worn with a delicate white hat. Or you could see other details such as the lace added to the back. I was impressed. The cuts flatter a woman’s body. Though there was only one main color, the diversity of the pieces was truly fascinating. Once it was the glitter, next it was embroidery or gold flower print. Just like watching a great movie, I wanted the show to keep going on. I felt so frustrated when it ended.
I had a wonderful time on this first night. I can’t wait to share with you my impressions of the shows on the following night. I will also talk about the showroom I visited.

Wearing: Zara/Maxi Skirt & Belt, Vintage/Sequin Vest, Phillip Lim/Bag.