Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days #2

Dawid Tomaszweski
Arzu Kaprol

Charlotte Ronson

What a show!  I am referring of course to the International Closing Night of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Days Zurich (MBFDZ).  For this last event of the season, I wore my DIY inspired Jil Sander hat with a Calvin Klein dress.  Here are some of the highlights again from the front row.

Dawid Tomaszweski blew us all with his collection. He presented elegant, flowing, feminine clothes.  The list of adjectives to qualify his amazing work is just too long,  but wow it was stunning.  I was instantly captivated by the cocoon white knitted dress with rhinestones sewn all over.  It is best described as a striking piece of sculpture. The knitted design was also applied to a red rigid fabric which went surprising well. It was difficult to take my eyes of the show. My position from the runway was not ideal for taking pictures but hopefully you can still see the details that I wanted to share with you. 
Then we saw the work of Dimitri. First thing I noticed was the studded ankle shoes. They are to die for, but also to die in because they are so high! I adored the brown pants opened on both sides and with bows at the bottom. They were very delicate and paired nicely with the skin-colored shoes and bag.  Yes, the bag.  It was quite simple but I had a crush on the design.  Then, there was a series of dresses which evoked ancient Greece with the lightness of the folded fabric held by a rope-belt intricately braided in the same material. They were followed by a bright-red folded dress, and a brown one with an open back. It was indeed an overwhelming collection.

Arzu Kaprol opened his show with a short-hair African model striding in strongly with her long legs, and with the upbeat music, created a wild and savage feel. The collection featured an eclectic mix of fabrics. We saw a white ensemble leather jacket and mini shorts; a white transparent dress layered beneath a cut-out skirt; shiny threaded dress, and a copper-colored leather dress.  It was a refereshing change.

Charlotte Ronson closed the show with a collection which included more pieces for casual everyday wear. It was a lot about mini. We also saw fabric mixes, such as the plastic jacket over a cropped leather top matched with a fabric circle skirt. My favorite piece was the green plastic jacket and the yellow pastel skirt and vest ensemble.

It had been packed and memorable weekend in Zurich. The two shows I attended were truly impressive and I had lots of fun. Fashion here in Switzerland is low-key , restrained and discreet.  You need to follow fashion here up close, or as they say, don’t blink or you may miss it! I feel proud that MBFDZ has raised the level of fashion in Switzerland in more ways than one. It is also reassuring that a major prestigious carmaker is coming forward to drive the event (pun intended). I can’t wait to discover what awaits us next year!

Wearing: DIY inspired Jil Sander/Hat, Calvin Klein/dress, Guiseppe Zanotti/Stiletto, Zara/Mantel