Mode Suisse in Zurich

Stephanie Biggel
HEAD School
DYL – Define Your Life
Doing Fashion design institute
In this post, I want to share with you my impressions of the Mode Suisse event in Zurich last Friday.

First, I discovered Stephanie Biggel showing her highly structured and simple designs with light materials. Though minimalist in spirit, she plays on details such as highlighting beige pockets on the pants. I also noticed the cool Superga sneakers with bigger heals. Paired with socks, they really rock! It was a shame I did not have a chance to talk to Stephanie but I will certainly be watching out for her.

At some point in the show, five ballerinas came onto the catwalk.  I immediately asked myself and my neighbor Véronique what it was going to be when suddenly one of the ballerinas stood en pointe and started walking with the beautiful scarves of Ginny.  I wondered what captivated me more, the ballerinas or the scarves.  Perhaps it was the combination of both the grace of the ballerinas and the beautiful flowing fabric which made it so majestic.  Ginny staged a real pleasure for the eyes.

I was also piqued by the “Doing Fashion” executions from the Institute of Fashion Design Basel. One student’s collection featured a futuristic helmet-hat, while another experimented with an edgy hippie creation. Unlike the mainstream collections, one could almost sense that the students of both HEAD and Doing Fashion had been briefed to push the boundaries. That is perhaps the privilege of students and isn’t that what “studying design” is about!

To sum up, Mode Suisse provides an exciting and long overdue platform for Swiss designers to showcase their talent. They definitely delivered.  I am happy and even proud to have been invited to both the first and second editions.  Who knows, I may have unknowingly witnessed the birth of the next international fashion icon.  I can hardly wait to see the next edition coming up in spring!