Weekend with Viva Frida #2

Why not two post in a day? But this time, I thought of sharing a complete Viva Frida look. Leather skirt is a difficult item to find. There is always something wrong about it, once it’s the length or then it’s too tight. While I was choosing the clothes at Viva Frida, I stumbled on this beautiful black leather skirt. It had all the criteria to fit in my wardrobe. If you are looking for one, high waisted, not too short and not too loose, in many colors, then I invite you to pay a visit to her store. Over it, I wore a comfy and casual coat, the whole paired with a playful hat and studded necklace. How do you like this second Viva Frida fall outfit?

Wearing: Viva Frida/Coat, Leather Skirt, Hat & Necklace, Zara/Shoes.