Month: January 2013

Mantle Maje drove Me Mad

After having been stuck in the library for more than two months working on projects or for my exams, the first thing I did was to go shopping. This “retail therapy” was rather refreshing and I was rediscovering the pleasure of it. I walked into Maje without any serious intention of getting anything… until I saw this… Read More »

I am so looking forward to wearing my summer dresses in Singapore and enjoy a tropical weather rather than our minus 3°C in Switzerland. The other day, I stubbled on an oversized Mango shirt on sale perfect worn as a dress. I layered it with my fur vest and Zara mantel. To add a little… Read More »

20 Years Old Birthday

As of two days ago, I am considered (traditionally in Switzerland) to be an adult.  Do I feel any different?  Not at all, except for a relief from the long wait to earn the “2” in front of my age!  Even then I am still not able to legally order an alcoholic drink in many states in the US. … Read More »

Accomplishment and Happiness

Wearing: Miu Miu/Eyewear, Vintage/Fur, H&M/Pants/ Vintage/Clutch, The Kooples/Tshirt The two pictures pretty much sum up my mood: accomplishment, relief and happiness. After two months of intensive study and exams, I can now fully enjoy a one month break. Yes, I am back! As mentioned some time ago, I will be spending part of my holidays in Singapore. Before that, I will devote myself to catching up on my postings with several surprises to start (belatedly) this New… Read More »

January 2013 wish list

MY BIRTHDAY is approaching (23rd) and my wishlist keeps getting longer. Here are few of my crushes.  On my mind for a long time now are the Balenciaga shoes and 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli satchel. I remember posting about those ankle boots when they first came out about two years ago. Still on shoes, the Givenchy… Read More »