20 Years Old Birthday

As of two days ago, I am considered (traditionally in Switzerland) to be an adult.  Do I feel any different?  Not at all, except for a relief from the long wait to earn the “2” in front of my age!  Even then I am still not able to legally order an alcoholic drink in many states in the US.  More seriously, I want to say a big hearty thank you for your well wishes.  I want to especially thank my friends who indulged me with a stunning pair of Versace heels!  Like, Like, Like – I was over the moon.  I also received a delightful book called “Carnets de Mode” which illustrates selected sketches of 50 well-known fashion creators.  I am sorry I cannot go through the list.  Please don’t feel offended if I did not mention your present – I treasure them all.  However, above all, I can never thank enough two persons for all they did up to now and for making this a special day – they are my  parents.  Thank you!