Month: February 2013

I love EVERYTHING about the pre-fall 2013 collection from Céline. If only I could own all the looks. It is undoubtedly very much my style and also my friend Emilie! Usually, there is some pieces that I don’t like. Here not.

Naked Chic

Lately, I have found myself being interested in transparent accessories or items better knowned as “naked trend”.  Let me share with you my 2013 Spring selections.  I spotted on the web a few models of transparent Valentino bag and shoes. My favorites were the Rockstud pumps (right end side), and the Glam Rock studded PVC and leather shoulder bag… Read More »

Red, Leopard and Makeup

It may not be original (as you may have already noticed).  I carry my 3.1 Phillip Lim pashli satchel almost all the time.  It is such a pratical bag, bigger than it looks and of a red color adaptable to most outfits.  I am also wearing a new mantel I got in Singapore.  Indeed, it’s odd to buy a winter coat in a tropical country.  I had already spotted it a… Read More »

I miss Singapore so much already: the food, the tropical weather and my family.  Talking about the weather, it’s a real challenge to dress up so that you feel comfortable both in the hot humid atmosphere outdoor, and in the cold stronglyair-conditioned interiors of malls, restaurants and offices.  One advice I would give for those who want to visit this wonderful country is to put on a light three-quarter sleeve shirt.  Alternatively, carry either a little… Read More »

The Little White Dress

Remember when I first talked about Aziza Zina, the Swiss designer brand I discovered at the Mode Suisse show.  Well, I couldn’t resist paying a visit to their store.  I told them how I loved their spring/summer collection for looking so fresh, young and girly. So you can imagine how happy I was when I… Read More »

On Wednesday 30th, I was invited to watch TJ Studio’s presentation of the fall/winter 2013-14 collections of a few Swiss designers. It took place in a bus depot, a very original location. There was several pieces that caught my eyes. First was a Margaux Bolle jacket amazingly crafted from clothing labels and fabric. I also… Read More »

What I wore for TJ Showroom

A couple of days ago I was invited to TJ Studio’s fashion show and showroom.   It assembled a few Swiss designers in Lausanne to present their fall/winter 2013-14 collections.  The show was well-organized and held in an very original place: a bus depot.  I really enjoyed the presentation and even spotted nice clothes which I’d love to add to my wardrobe.  For the showroom, I opted to wear my vintage shirt I got… Read More »

Le Rouge

Valentine runs a blog on street-style fashion. Parisienne-like and armed with a Canon 5D, she seeks out in the streets for looks that appeal to her. Recently over a coffee we exchanged impressions on fashion: bloggers, blogging, haters, fans, etc, and discovered we hold similar opinions on quality and life.  Not surprisingly, we get along very well since we first met (long ago now). This time I was the subject of the picture wearing “Le Rouge”.