La Redoute Presentation

When I look at the pictures, it appears that my outfit has two different looks: indoor and outdoor. In the winter, I don’t really like big coats. I’d rather go for layering. The leopard mantel I have isn’t very warm, and being open, a scarf is always needed. To brave the great freeze in the morning, I wore a blazer and shirt underneath. This must have been the only day in the winter I felt warm. One of my readers asked me a while ago what I would wear on a casual/normal day. I think this sums up what I wear on a daily basis, that is, the basics. But, there’s always a little detail, a little dash to make a difference. My blazer has a basic color and shape, but there is a cut-and-sewn part and visible thread lines. Or my basic jean shirt comes with a gradient dye. I also try to add a personal touch, this time with my jewelry.
On that same day, I was invited to have a closer look at the La Redoute Spring-Summer 2013 collection. I found it very refreshing with a lot of diversity in colors and patterns. I was very impressed. My biggest crush was the neon pink maxi dress. Already on my wish list, I will order it as soon as it’s out.
Wearing: Zara/Mantle, Hat & Necklace, The Kooples/Biker Boots, H&M/Blazer & Jeans, Forever21/Jean Shirt