Le Smoking d’Yves Saint Laurent

Let’s talk about “Le Smoking”, or rather “Le Smoking d’Yves Saint Laurent”.  Oh…and Yves Saint Laurent.  I have been wanting one for quite a while now:  a pant suit/tuxedo (an outfit originally designed for man).  That’s what I would do with my first real salary: take a day off, ride the fast train to Paris, go to Yves Saint Laurent and buy myself a tuxedo!  This truly fascinating and talented man knew how to make a woman look most beautiful.  My first “encounter” with YSL was through the books I read for a project work for my Swiss Maturité (high school).  I was seduced by his way of thinking, his career, his evolution, well… almost everything. His creations left me the deepest impression when I visited the extensive YSL Restropective exhibition.  As you moved from room to room in Le Petit Palais, you would dream of wearing each of his designs.  I could have spent the whole day in the museum. Yes, Yves Saint Laurent is one of my biggest inspirations.