Sunday Goodies

Let me  share with you here my favorite beauty products and goodies I have been using lately.
First, about fragrances.  Rose scents appeal to me and the Roger & Gallet perfume I have been using this past year is by far one of the best. Along the same fragrance profile, you can try Paul Smith’s or Clarins’.  Very light and subtle, a whiff of roses hints at the gentle awakening of spring.
MAC liptsticks hold best and offer a broad range of colors and textures. I wear a lot of orangey, red and pink colors. I also recommand the range from Maybelline, Guerlain or the red from Max Factor. They hold well and complement the complexion when worn with a light eye-makeup. You may notice from the pictures that most of my products come from MAC.  They fit my skin complexion and their quality is top notch.  The only exception is my mascara from Maybelline. I know one shouldn’t but I mix Cat Eyes and Basic.  You can see the result on my pictures. My eyelashes have never looked better.
Most of the brushes to apply my make-up come from Sephora. Before putting on make-up, I apply very little moisturizer (my sensitive skin seems to react to rich creams to give pimples!) But I have found one of the best moisturizers for any skin.  Every morning I use Vichy BB cream, that unifies my skin and for the night I apply rich but natural apricot oil. So far, I find them to offer the best combination. Nonetheless, I would warn anyone with extra-sensitive and pimple-prone skin (more than mine) to test the Vichy BB cream before buying.
Moving on to the goodies that you will see (or have already seen) in my blog’s post. In the gold colors is the double finger ring from Rita and Zia.  It is the finest I have seen and I love the flower pattern. It is actually very light and one gets used to its size easily. Paired with the ring are fine beautiful bangles in mint and beige from Sal Y Limon, just right for spring. In silver are the skull accessories. Don’t ask me why but I was so smitten by skulls icons since I first acquired my Alexander McQueen bangle. I think I wore it non-stop for months.  Now I can even pair it with the skull pendant (with a special pattern) from Rita and Zia, and with a rock bracelet.
Blue is one of the main colors I wear and those little earring I got from H&M would fit any kind of casual outfit. Another I-wear-non-stop item is my full-finger ring (available here) from my friend’s online store, Tenebris.  She has been building her jewelry collection and has just started working with a few Swiss designers. Through handmade pieces, she wants to show the skill potential we have in Switzerland. The unique design from Miriam Schwarz‘s keychain set is a fine example. Just the simple yet special addition to your handbag.
And to fight the spring chill, I am so happy with the Dsquared2 scarf I received from my last visit to 59, Rue du Rhone boutique. Can’t wait to wear it.