Morning by the Pool at Evian Resort

We started the second day at Evian Resort with breakfast at Restaurant “La Table” in Hotel Ermitage.  I always look forward to hotel breakfasts because they are a really proper meal and we take the time to enjoy it.  At La Table, breakfast was an open buffet with a sumptuous spread of cold and warm cooked food. It was unfortunately a bit cloudy, preventing us from enjoying the view from the terrace.  Nevertheless, it did not stop us from taking in a hearty breakfast!

We had the rest of the morning free to explore and enjoy what the hotel had to offer.  We decided first to do something energetic.  So I changed into my swimsuit, wrapped myself with the bathrobe provided in the room, and took the elevator down to where the spa, pool and gym are. We spent a couple of hours in the indoor pool. The space wasn’t big but the beige and white decor created a warm and soothing atmosphere. The hotel also offered a mildly-heated outdoor pool with a bar serving smoothies and snacks. It was really only in the afternoon of our last day that the sun shone through and we managed to get outside for a little tan.