Second Day at Evian Resort

the second day, we had lunch at La Véranda in the Hotel Royal. We sat by the
bay windows with a view over the gardens. On the menu were three courses which
we could combine in any way we like: cold starter with the main dish, cold
starter with the desserts, or all three. We went for the second option. It
turned out to be a wise choice. The cold starter buffet (with the ubiquitous
smoked salmon, salad, meat cuts, and other goodies) was indeed a meal in
itself. Thereafter I restrained myself to just a raspberry tartlet and a
macaroon from the big dessert spread. After lunch, we took a walk around the
hotel and stopped by the infinity pool for a couple of shots of my outfit with
the beautiful scenery as backdrop.
I spent the rest of the afternoon at the spa and had a whole body treatment. It started with a scrub and then the lady in charge applied a yellow clay to moisturize my skin. This was followed by a facial with skin care products containing suppposedly gemological ingredients. They had such a wonderful natural flowery scent! I felt so relaxed that it was difficult to stay awake. Amazingly, i could see the effect of the treatment and products on my skin the next day. I will talk about our evening activity with my next outfit post.

Wearing: Zara/Asymetrical Skirt & Top, Tropézienne/Sandals, H&M/Clutch, Mosaika/Bracelet & Necklace