Une Baie d’Erelle

How I marvel my friend’s creations, Baies d’Erelle! Cheerful and creative, Erelle is to me surely one of the top Swiss jewlery designers. I became a huge fan the moment she showed me for the first time her FW 2014 collection. Her inspirations came from Greek and Babylonian mythologies. She subtly balanced the delicacy of stones with loud chains and studs. She also created several pieces with intricate engravings she sourced from Paris. Amongst them, I craved in particular for this full finger ring. Two month ago, before heading out to Zurich (for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Days) Erelle asked for my address to send an invitation for a Christmas event she was organizing. When I got home after the weekend, I found a little package in my mailbox. It was the ring! Christmas came early and it was the most delightful surprise in 2013.