Month: March 2014

Spring Already

Pictures by Inès Monnet The weather in Switzerland lately has just been so wonderful! Spring must be the fashionista’s favorite season. I love to be able to layer my clothes. I had a few errands to run, so I put on my new comfortable H&M sneakers. The distinctive quilted (faux-leather) top lends it a bit… Read More »

Minimalist Look

Pictures by Inès Monnet I often get asked whether the clothes I wear are all mine or loaned by brands. Well, most of the pieces (including accessories) that I feature belong to me. Then invariably comes the second comment: “OMG, you have so many clothes!”. Faux! My wardrobe is probably not much bigger than that… Read More »

Old City

Pictures by Marine M. Last Monday, my friends, Marine, Anissa, and I set out for a stroll in St-Gallen to discover new places. We ended up in the charming old town where we took a few pictures in front of an old building. The light and background highlight the minimalist outfit I created. You notice… Read More »

The John Lennon Shades

Pictures by Marine M. You have seen a bit of this look in my previous post “3 Looks 1 Item” but I thought I would share more pictures of it. I have always loved the John Lennon sunnies with the glasses that look so hippie. Most people say round shape glasses do not fit a… Read More »

3 Looks 1 Item

Pictures by Inès Monnet (1st outfit) and Marine M. (2nd and 3rd outfit) Just as in foods, we all have pet items in our wardrobe that we like to put on often. Here are a few ideas on how to create different looks around our pièce de resistance. In this first edition, I chose a pair of… Read More »

Diesel Tribute

Pictures by Véronique de Vallière I have just started my spring-summer semester in St-Gallen (some 300km away from Lausanne) on a university exchange program. With the move, you discover how things that you take for granted now become a challenge, for example, finding a photographer for my shoots over here. For those of you who… Read More »

Beauty Alert

I have heard people lauding the merits of Aesop’s range of facial, body and hair care products. Founded in Melbourne in 1987, Aesop rests their reputation on premium quality ingredients rich in antioxidants with proven efficacy (from plant extracts or developed in their labs. I like their packaging with a serious fuss-free and almost clinical… Read More »