Beauty Alert

I have heard people lauding the merits of Aesop’s range of facial, body and hair care products. Founded in Melbourne in 1987, Aesop rests their reputation on premium quality ingredients rich in antioxidants with proven efficacy (from plant extracts or developed in their labs. I like their packaging with a serious fuss-free and almost clinical look. I couldn’t resist trying out the Geranium leaf body scrub to test their claims. Most mass-market scrubs these days use plastic (polyethylene) micro-beads for the abrasive effect. So it was nice to learn that the scrubbing action (and possibly other beneficial effects) of Aesop’s product come from natural elements such as bamboo stems, pumice and of course, geranium leaves. You apply the scrub and massage the skin in the shower once a week. I love the result – my skin felt softer than usual. The scrub also seemed to relieve problems of ingrown hair. This is getting me excited to try out their other Aesop products.