June Favorites

It has been a while since I last shared my favorites of the moment. Here is my shortlist of the must-have/try for this summer.

BOOKS I received a few days ago a guidebook by Emille Veillon titled “L’été” (The Summer). It proposes places to visit this summer in the “Romandie” (French part of Switzerland). Each recommended place carries a small illustration. a short description and the address. I plan to spend most of my vacation in Switzerland, so I am eager to dig into the guide.

ACCESSORIES My new Xray shades will continue (ever since I got them) to follow me this summer. They go with any outfit and the mirror effect of the glasses adds a little oomph. Nonetheless, my obsessive favorite now must be the Dior tribal earrings. I wear them almost every day and they match so well with the beautiful pearl bracelet my mum brought back from Istanbul. I will post outfit pictures with the new Ice Glow I received last month (Thank you MYP and Ice Watch!). I love its sporty style to go with a casual look.

BEAUTY/PERSONAL CARE I am unable lately to stick to one perfume. So I wear what suits my mood (which seems to depend on the weather!). On sunny days, I go for the light and flowery scent from Roger & Gallet. On rainy or cloudy days, I go for something stronger like Black Tea and Veviter eau de toilette from Kiehl’s. I recently discovered the brand Exurbe Cosmetics which carries a broad selection of nail polish colors. You see in the pictures five of my favorites. The polish is one of the most durable I have tried, holding for around 3 days without chipping.

UNDIES Last but not least, I love my underwear from Chantelle. I got them on my trip to Paris organized by the brand last November. Though created for the Fall-Winter 2013 collection, I find them timeless. Or you can entice yourself with some new wonderful designs for this summer on their website!