Kimye or Poppy?

While the internet was abuzz with Kim Kardashian’s wedding, another celebrity Poppy Delevingne was “quietly” celebrating hers. After the first ceremony in London, Poppy held her second in a more exotic location, Marrakesh. Jamais deux sans trois, we say in French. Is she going to spring a big surprise with a third one? Hmm, we shall see. But the point I really want to get at is their wedding gowns. Would you have picked Kimye’s breath-taking Givenchy piece Poppy’s utterly gorgeous Bohemian-style Emillio Pucci design? As for me, I am totally undecided. Pucci definitely gets two thumbs up for his originality and the dreamy atmosphere it evokes.

Kim Kardashian’s picture credit and Poppy’s picture credit The Style Chronicle and gianlucalongogg Instagram