Fit’n’tasty Detox

This Thursday I followed a one-day detox plan conceived by Fit’n’tasty. In this second detox trial, I chose the “colorful program” which includes more fruits. I secretly hoped it would be more palatable than the “green” program (composed only of veggies) that I took in my first trial. The Fit’n’tasty menu proposed a “cleansing” water that I should drink on waking up and 4 juices. For lunch, I was allowed to take other foods but restricted to, e.g. 1/2 cucumber, 1 carrot and a few almonds. In case of a hunger alert, there are a few other “approved” recipes, including e.g. Quinoa.
One day is just too short for detoxing to bring any visible health benefits. Nevertheless, it felt good mentally to take a break from my normal eating habits. Next time I will opt for the 3-day formula.
If you also want to try detoxing, Fit’n’tasty is launching a summer contest where you can win a 1-day detox! All you have to do is follow @fitntasty on instagram and like Fit’n’tasty on Facebook. Once done, repost this picture on Instagram with hashtags #fitntasty #fitntastycontest and share the Facebook post about the contest on your timeline. 
You have to do it by 13th July, so hurry up!