Saturday Style Ride with GANT

Last Saturday, my blogger friend Stephane and I joined the GANT team in Zurich as Fashion Riders in a cycling event called “Saturday Style Ride”! We were first invited earlier in the week to GANT Geneva to choose our cycling outfit. The idea was to dress yourself up fashionably (for cycling that is), take out the most beautiful (matching) bike and ride around Zurich. The endpoint was at the nice restaurant Quai 61 where prizes were awarded in bonhomie for such as the best bike and the most stylish rider. All of us were rewarded with a cup of gin tonic, hot dogs and other delights. As you can see from the pictures, it was such good fun while giving us a chance to discover the city by bike and to learn more about the GANT world. Huge thanks to the team for making it a memorable day and for the top notch organization! Thanks also to Andrea from Chic in Zurich for the wonderful pictures.