Back to School, or Not.

Pictures by Marine M.

I recently obtained my Bachelor degree in Management at the HEC University of Lausanne. I feel that I am still young enough to stop my studies for a while and explore the world before pursuing a Master degree. I have also decided to invest most of my time over the next few months on blogging. I hope to take on more exciting projects and to upgrade Blaastyle with a new formula in 2015. It is a big step for me and I start it with a “back to school” feature where I carry my all-time favorite Chanel backpack. Backpacks are indeed a trend this fall. So if you are looking for a new bag, check out this Stella McCartney option I am craving for:

As for the makeup, I was inspired by this season’s New York fashion week. I used a white MAC pencil to draw a bold line under and over the lashes. I carefully intensified the inner corner of the eye and finished the outer corner with two sharp overlapping edges. I then applied my usual mascara. The technique results in an eye color that stands out even more. Would you like to see a video tutorial of how to do this makeup?

Wearing: Chanel backpack / Vintage blazer / Zara top / Sismeek watch / Peddered shoes / H&M jeans / Avinas Jewelry ring