How to Rock a Little White Dress

As you have probably already noticed, I am not into the pink-cute-sissy look. I like the rock style and pieces that give off strong vibes. Nonetheless, I do sometimes fall for “pretty” clothes, just like this Aziza Zina white dress I received two years ago. I discovered the designer at Mode Suisse fashion show and ever since have been eagerly following her creations. Here is an idea on how to put on a feminine dress but yet not get overly girlie. I first contrasted the soft design of the dress by wearing black studded flats matched with the latest pliage Longchamp bag. Then, I went for a denim jacket to mitigate the classiness of the dress. I worked my hair into a messy braid and finished up the look with mirror blue glass shades. How do you find my “feminine-rock” style? Any other ideas?

Wearing: Aziza Zina dress / Longchamp bag / Topshop denim jacket / Sismeek watch / Xray shades / Mango shoes