Maxi and Short

It seems we unconsciously pose at our best angle in front of a mirror. However, scientists also claim that what we see in a mirror is actually different from how others see us. That’s perhaps why we can be surprised/disappointed to find ourselves not looking our “best” in some pictures, just like this photo shoot! As an aside, many people assume fashion bloggers to be comfortable in front of a camera. I must confess it took me quite a while to get used to posing for everyday outfit pictures. Apparently many other bloggers share this experience.
I wore my new Converse flatforms that I ordered from La Redoute. Flatforms give you height without sacrificing comfort. I played with lengths, contrasting a crop top with a maxi skirt. I was experimenting with this look – how do you find it?
For my makeup, I tried to create a smokey eye effect with my new NAKED3 palette from Urban Decay that I talked about earlier on my Instagram and Facebook. In case, you missed out on this, I attended Urban Decay’s launch event in Zurich last week and I am glad to tell you that the products are now available at

Wearing: La Halle skirt / Gianni Versace shades / Zara top / H&M bag / Converse shoes / Sismeek watch