Into Aesop’s World and Boutique in Bern

Curious as always, I just couldn’t resist testing Aesop cosmetics after all the rave reviews I have been hearing. It took only one product (Gerianium Body Scrub) to get me hooked as a loyal customer. My sensitive skin makes me naturally skeptical or apprehensive about trying new beauty products. Once I find something that suits me, I tend to stay with it. On that note, it was reassuring to learn on my trip with the Aesop team to Bern how the brand seeks to build on good durable fundamentals rather than to constantly reinvent or innovate in its products. It was also interesting to learn about the business angle to their world and how they strive for uniqueness. Each store has its unique design aimed to make a striking impression. The boutique in Bern was modelled with the help of einszu33 architects. They managed to create a clean-cut minimalist interior yet capture the atmosphere of the city’s old-world charm. Aesop now got me even more seduced!