Closing Night at MBFDZ

Little Black Dress
Van Bery
Javier Reyes
Aziza Zina
Stefanie Biggel

I was invited to spend the closing evening of MBFDZ in the company of the lovely H&M team. For this finale, we saw the Swiss designers Van Bery, Javier Reyes, Aziza Zina, Stefanie Biggel and last but not least LBD, Little Black Dress. I have given my impressions of these designers several times. This time, I want to highlight Joanna and Eliane, the talented designers of LBD. They presented a regular and a white collection. In regular, they played daringly with colorful patterns. As always, their designs transpired femininity. The white line became a hot topic of conversation after the shows. They projected the image of a modern, sexy and confident woman, sexy. Compared to previous years, the designers introduced more casualness, like a see-through bomber jacket, a white skirt and T-shirt ensemble with “Yes” written on it. I was actually dressed in one of their Winter collection designs – a flawless pop yellow dress – which I must admit, caught everyone’s attention. Thank you and bravo!