Month: March 2015

Pictures by Ken Moos Baselworld is an impressive fair, even to blasé regular fair visitors (which I am not one). You can see and “feel” the investment that brands put into constructing their booths and organizing them to run like clockwork (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun). This is the place for an outsider to… Read More »

All that Glitters

You recall the movie “Legally Blonde” starring Reese Witherspoon? In this comedy she would dress up in glamorous tailored pink outfits against the norms of casual college attire or the somber dress code of the legal profession. Without trying, I might have attempted a similar move at Baselword. There I was, almost all-white in a… Read More »

Something’s Off

Pictures by Inès Monnet Murphy’s Law happens when “anything that can go wrong, goes wrong”. Nothing seemed to work that day. I changed outfits three times and yet felt unsatisfied with the result when I was ready to go. I also spent time fighting to get my hair into shape and again it felt just… Read More »

Grocery Shopping in Style

Pictures by Inès Monnet I occasionally post shopping deals and trends on Facebook. For example, I featured this pink Oasap trench coat back in December. To my great surprise, my friends bought it for me as a birthday present! I also received a matching pink Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case. I was deeply moved… Read More »

Romantic Chic in Lausanne

Pictures by David F. Milan Fashion Week streetstyle got me inspired with this outfit, or more specifically on how to style a vintage collar-scarf. To be both classy and edgy, you drape it over a shoulder and belt it at the waist. On my first styling attempt, I went for the cannot-go-wrong colors of black… Read More »

Joop! at Baselworld

Pictures by Ken Moos Editing by me What actually happens in the Baselworld? This mega-event involves three group of people: the trade (buyers/retailers/distributors), the media and public visitors. Let me share my insight as a blogger (media) through my experience with JOOP! On arrival, I was welcomed by the receptionist and guided to a private… Read More »

Navy – My New Black

Pictures by Inès Monnet I introduced the navy color to my wardrobe only recently. I now find myself wearing it a lot as a “brighter” alternative to black. I wore a Zara nightie dress, Stefanie Biggel bomber jacket, H&M bag and Mango shoes. I was tricked by the sunny weather and went optimistically for light… Read More »

That Fringe Skirt

I was browsing the web for inspiration and stumbled on fashion week streetstyle pictures showing girls in their effortlessly chic looks. One had a leather fringe skirt worn with heels. That skirt intrigued me so much that I tried to trace its brand. The brand wasn’t mentioned either for another skirt, worn this time with… Read More »

Sportswear Urbanized

Pictures by Inès Monnet This is the look you get when sportswear meets vintage meets Chanel meets heels. I usually wear sports clothing only for working out, not as a style. However, I got tempted to try when I received this Adidas pants of their Superstar Originals collection. Besides, many personalities like Man Repeller (again)… Read More »

Casual Junkie

Pictures by Inès Monnet Fashion month was all about fancy outfits but that’s over now. For daily wear, casual is the go-to style. But what is really casual? Is it not just a case of swapping heels for sneakers, and shirts for sweaters? In my view, a casual look is not about being indifferent. I… Read More »