Grocery Shopping in Style

I occasionally post shopping deals and trends on Facebook. For example, I featured this pink Oasap trench coat back in December. To my great surprise, my friends bought it for me as a birthday present! I also received a matching pink Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case. I was deeply moved that my friends bought it through my Facebook page, and even browsed my Instagram feeds to figure out my MacBook model. There are indeed a few upsides to opening up your personal life as a blogger.
Let’s now talk about style in general. In my earlier blogging days, I would bring along two or three outfits for a photo-shoot. It probably gave the false impression of how I would be dressed to the max every day. I have since changed to showing my real “normal” daily looks. That turned out to be much more challenging! Now I even think about how to dress up to go shopping for groceries. I find myself investing more in tasteful and stylish quality pieces that stand out on their own. This shopping trip saw me in my new trench coat, a gray T-shirt, skinny black jeans, all white Air Max Thea, and Chanel backpack. See the pineapple on the picture? I did go shopping for groceries!

Wearing: Oasap trench coat / Nike sneakers / H&M pants / Zara tee / Chanel backpack / Dior earrings