Haute Cuisine over Central Park

ootd pictures by Ken Moos
Editing and other pictures by me
The culinary highlight of this trip must be the treat to an exquisite lunch at the Mandarin Oriental. The Asiate restaurant is on the 35th floor overlooking Central Park. We took the special two course menu but the foodie that I am just couldn’t pass up on the dessert. It is difficult to get a duck meat right, but the roasted piece in my main course simply melted in the mouth with an explosion of sublime flavors. Take a look at the enticing dessert that I succumbed to. To top it all, the sun lit up the room and created a magical moment. I guess the place is even more stylish in the evening but just as enjoyable. It was a most delightful dining experience. If you are looking for a luxurious and calm getaway, don’t miss the Asiate!
On what was claimed to be the coldest day in the last 30 years in New York, I was insane enough to walk about in cut-out booties. Though we did not spend much time outdoor, I came to regret this folie. In the evening, I discovered the skin on my feet chafed and even cracked. I did keep my body warm with the Joseph cashmere coat from La Muse in Geneva. It was worth all its bulk in my suitcase – definitely a great companion and life-saver on this trip. I wore this gray long-sleeve top over 3 under-layers (lol), a white linen blazer from H&M Quality collection, and a pair of black slim jeans. My 3.1 Phillip Lim bag added a much needed dash of color. For a better view of the look, I quickly took off my coat and rested it on my shoulders. We had to do at least one photo-shoot in Central Park and were lucky to find a relatively secluded pathway.
Wearing: 3.1 Phillip Lim bag / Joseph coat / H&M blazer, top & jeans / Zara shoes / Pépit9s bracelets / Avinas rings