Joop! at Baselworld

Pictures by Ken Moos
Editing by me

What actually happens in the Baselworld? This mega-event involves three group of people: the trade (buyers/retailers/distributors), the media and public visitors. Let me share my insight as a blogger (media) through my experience with JOOP! On arrival, I was welcomed by the receptionist and guided to a private space for a presentation of the key pieces of next season’s collection. All the models exposed were limited editions if not prototypes. The new designs looked more edgy beyond their renowned subtleness and attention to detail. JOOP! showcased two lady watches for Fall 2015, Emma & Carla. I fell for the Emma chronograph with its curved shape and for how the rose gold case matches so discreetly with the skin color leather bracelet. What really did it for me was the minimalist dial (no surprises here). On the other hand, the jewelries were more about making statements – massive gold rings with semi-precious stones or multi-strap cuffs. There is one for every taste – from the refined to the chunky. I had a crush for the 3 half-circle necklace and the double finger ring. They felt so good and comfortable on me that I almost walked out with them. I will definitely be looking out for them this fall. The lighting was too poor to take good pictures, so I have added here a few press pictures to do justice to the pieces. Stay tuned for more news about Baselworld!
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