À la Frenchcore

You may have heard of the “Frenchcore” techno musical genre. As the French are reputed for their good fashion sense, Frenchcore now also defines a style that is all à la Française. But it took the British press to name it “Frenchcore” for the style to gain a popular identity. But what is this style really all about? In short – sporty casualness meets elegant chic, with quality as important as design. Along the idea of less is more, expect “noble” fabrics over cheap throwaway ones.
Here is my attempt to combine the essential French elements. For the elegant note, I wear a Sézane x La Redoute little white lace dress. You can’t get more casual and comfortable than with these gladiator sandals. My suede Gucci bag screams quality material! Finally, my chic is tying my hair into a bun. So, does 1+1+1+1=5?
Wearing: La Redoute dress / Topshop sandals / D-lirio earrings / Gucci bag / Ray-Ban sunglasses