Barcelona Diary

You have probably read snippets of my 3-day stay in Barcelona. I last visited this city as a teenager but do not remember much of it. My friend and I went back in full tourist mode, dutifully doing all (well almost) the must-see places, and checking out friends’ recommendations of cafés and restaurants. I have highlighted several of them on my Instagram (follow me here) and will round up my favorite spots in Blaast Places.
The best way to soak in the vibes of a foreign place is to walk wherever takes your fancy and be prepared to lose yourself in the streets. The clear sunny weather made this little adventure more delightful, especially in this colorful metropolis. One high point was certainly our morning stroll in Park Güell. Entry to the park is limited to 200 people to avoid over-crowding and to ensure each one can enjoy a peaceful moment. Get another glimpse of the park in my previous post.
Another enchanting place to take a long stroll is in the gothic quarter of El Born and Barcelonetta. The hustle and bustle is a welcome change from the peace and quiet of Switzerland! I liked the small stores in El Born with its endless choice of refined jewelries. Had I not resisted, I would have ended penniless.
When you get thirsty from all these long walks, you must get a drink on one of Barcelona’s many cool rooftop terraces. We went to Hotel 1898’s, one of the top-ranked. Ironically, I was so captivated by the view that I forgot to take pictures! Oops, sorry.
Every city trip must include an Art stop. Ours was the Barcelona Museum of Comtemporary Art (MACBA). Before seeing the exhibits, I was already liking the place because of the building’s minimalist architecture in a clinical white. Far from feeling cold and sterile, the daylight filtering through the big windows brought a natural warm atmosphere. Oh, before I forget, seeing the art works makes you want to be an artist yourself!
Finally, we walked along the pedestrian street La Rambla and got inside La Boqueria market. Make sure you go in with an empty stomach and try everything – fruit juices, bread, pastries… Looking at the amazing array of produce is already a feast for the eyes!