Off to Stanglwirt – A treat for body, mind and soul

The 5* Stanglwirt Bio-Hotel in Tirol, Austria invited me to stay 2 nights with them. Except for a beach, they offer everything you can possibly wish for in a wellness resort in the Alps – a charming atmosphere with local yet modern décor, great food (including gluten-free and vegan menu), gym, spa and an endless choice of outdoor sports activities. Furthermore, we were spoilt with a spacious suite boasting a fireplace and a balcony with views of the Wilder Kaiser mountain.
We arrived in the mid-afternoon and had time to take a leisurely walk to explore the surroundings. I naturally shot my outfit (soon to come). We ended the day delightfully around a gourmet dinner hosted by the cheerful marketing manager, Maria Hauser-Lederer. She told us everything about the bio-concept which included using mostly natural materials to build the hotel. For example, parts of the buildings were constructed with ancient wood (which has now become very sought after and valuable). It supposedly also has the virtue of radiating good positive energy. I am no tree hugger but the place must be doing its magic. Barely on arrival, I already began to feel peaceful and calm. No wonder celebrities come here from afar to find refuge from their hectic lives. For them, Stranglwirt even offers a special entrance from a private parking lot.
The next day was busier. I woke up early to enjoy a moment by the pool before an intense gym session (as part of my 12-week exercise program). I then met up with my fellow guest bloggers for a filling breakfast. Next on the agenda: a boxing session lead by our trainer Bjorn Schultz. He showed us the ropes (excuse the pun) and like hell we sweated! I woke up muscles I never thought existed and they got so sore. But it was a tiredness that felt good. My highpoint must be the 2-hour lomilomi Hawaiian full-body massage that can best be described as heavenly bliss! If you are in Stranglwirt, you must definitely treat yourself to one. In the evening, the hotel indulged us to another gourmet dinner. By gourmet, I mean having 4-5 starters…
We were to catch an early afternoon train on our last day, so we couldn’t do much. Nonetheless, we enjoyed our last few hours by the heated in-and-out- door pool. It had been a wonderful getaway and none of us wanted to leave.
Vielen Dank, Stanglwirt! As Arnold Schwarzenegger (one of the hotel’s celebrity guests) would have said – I will be back!