Flax and Kale, Barcelona

During our recent stay in Barcelona, we checked out on a friend’s recommendation of an eat-healthy feel-better restaurant called Flax and Kale  It promises to provide you all the nutrients you need daily. The place is open all day for all meals or just drinks.  We went there for brunch and were offered a varied menu ranging from light salads to filling meat or fish.  I opted for a copious vegetable omelette served on toasted whole wheat bread.  My friend tried the Acai bowl.   Flax and Kale’s cuisine suited me welI as I have become used to food prepared with less salt and no fat (oil or butter).  The dishes were tasty though I could see from the open kitchen that they are cooked simply with herbs or spices.  The menu also offers gluten- and lactose-free options.  I liked their juices so much that I returned several times just to try the variety of juices that filled up 4 fridges!  Each juice has mixed ingredients with claimed benefits such as energy boosting or better skin. If you are into healthy eating, this is just your place in Barcelona.  Has anyone of you discovered a similar place in Lausanne?
Address: Tallers 74B, Plaça Castella, Barcelona