Trendiness Old-fashioned

Pictures by Inès Monnet
One perk of a blogger is to be regularly spoilt with new goodies. At the same time, I keep buying items I like. As you can imagine, I do own quite a big closet! The other day, I felt the urge to go through and reorganize my wardrobe. It took me quite a while, but was totally worth the effort. I rediscovered pieces I have totally forgotten about. So I thought: How can I wear them again and still look trendy? Here I go for the sport-casual style with gray tee tuck-in my “nostalgic” suit pants. As accessories, I choose this oversized hat and carry a blackish-blue shoulder bag (actually vintage like the ring I wear). A colorful scarf around my neck brings on an extra touch of sophistication. Except for the white sneakers, I own all the pieces (for quite a while) you see here. So do I look trendy or “old-fashioned“?
Wearing: Zara tee / GANT pants / H&M hat / Adidas sneakers / Givenchy bag / Seidenmann scarf / Vintage ring