What evening dress for you body type?

I know it is a little early to talk about the year-end festive times when we have more occasions to put on an elegant evening dress. However, I just couldn’t resist ordering now this beautiful Little Mistress dress from Zalando. This brings up the question: Which model best fits your body type? Let me share my tips.
We all have little hang-ups about our bodies (even top models do) – broad swimmer’s shoulders, ample tummy, or less than long never-ending legs. Whatever they are, the trick is to draw the viewer’s eyes away from that part of your body. Take the example of broad shoulders. A bustier design will show them off, so prefer a dress with sleeves or straps. To look sexy, have fine sheer parts without showing too much so that onlookers will guess at your figure. This also applies if you want to cover “fat” arms. An alternative to sleeves is to use a shawl. You can let it just hang from your shoulders, or turn it over the crook of your arms – like an elegant accessory. Want to hide your tummy? Then avoid a body-hugging cut which highlights your silhouette (and worse, exposes any tummy fold…). With seventies now in vogue, why not go for a bohemian flared dress fitted at the bust. Generous hips? Again large cuts – babydoll or A-line – are better at hiding them discretely. If you are not confident about your legs, put on a mid-length or maxi dress and draw attention to your nice bust. If you are petite, go for a mini or short skirt. Anyhow, rules are also made to be broken – best to try out what you fancy and see how it fits. Be careful though not to rely too much on your immediate friends (or the sales assistant) to tell you how they find it.
So what made me choose this Little Mistresss dress? The pale pink, the flower-patterned skirt and the bustier cut make this model so feminine and chic. And it befits many occasions. Initially, I also wanted to try out a more casual look by matching it with sneakers and a denim jacket. But I felt like I was totally spoiling the elegance of this dress. So here I stay simple chic with just a few accessories: black suede lace-up heels, a matching bucket bag, pale pink pearl earrings and a double-finger golden ring
Wearing: Little Mistress dress (available at Zalando.ch) / Aldo shoes / Rita&Zia ring / GAP bag