Lollapalooza & Berlin Diary

As promised, I share here a picture diary of my stay in Berlin with the Zalando team! It captures the outfits I wore and memorable moments in the city and at the Lollapalooza festival.

I arrived in Berlin on late Friday morning and checked into the Weinmeister, a trendy boutique hotel located in the trendy Mitte district. Afternoon was spent strolling about and window-shopping. Later in the day, Zalando organized a visit to their showroom which displayed the 30 outfits of the 30 invited European bloggers. It was a delight to meet and chat with fellow bloggers, especially over dinner in an Italian restaurant. I was just as excited about attending the Lollapalooza over the next two days!

Lollapalooza was held at Berlin’s old Tempelhof airport which has since been transformed into a huge recreational space. The former check-in hall served as entrance and the stages were set on the former runways. This whole atypical setting created a magical atmosphere. Good food was aplenty from the stalls and we could chill out in the Zalando lounge. Of course, how could one forget the amazing artists like Muse, Sam Smith and Hayden James who provided great music over two whole days!

We had free time again on Monday before heading home. I just visited the area around the hotel and window-shopped (yes again). I would have loved to discover more of Berlin – that makes for a good reason to come back!

Thank you Zalando for putting together such a memorable trip for us!