Time For Boots

I have already been spying on the new Fall collections, or more precisely, ankle boots. Recent trends have been heavily inspired by the sixties and seventies. The wardrobe has taken a retro twist with flare jeans, round frames, fringes, and suede leather. On the shoe front, heels are generally larger and mid-height but there is broad diversity in color (colorful to neutral), and in material or finish (snake skin, calf leather) for every taste.
Here are a few highlights of my crushes for Fall, along with tips on how to wear your boots according to your body type.
Tall and slim girls with long endless legs look good in practically any shoes (lucky you!). It gets trickier if you are petite or have generous curves. Ankle boots visually shorten your legs, so you have to be mindful what you wear them with. First, the bottom. Pairing them with a mid-length skirt or shorts will enhance the shortening effect. Choose a mini or maxi length instead. As for pants or jeans, avoid a large cut that will make you look top-heavy. Go for skinny or slim cuts that you can also choose to tuck in. Second, contrasting colors can also make your legs look shorter by visually “cutting” them in two parts, eg. white pants and black booties. Finally, petite and curvy girls should go for taller heels to elongate their silhouettes.
Now that you are fired-up for boots and know how to pair them with your clothes, what model are you going to get this Fall?
1. Gucci Pom Pom lace-ups / 2. River Island Snake Effect with Gold Detail / 3. Topshop with Fringe Detail  / 4. Mango High Heel Snake Effect / 5. Miu Miu with Buckle / 6. Saint Laurent Paris / 7. Minelli in Suede Blue

images via google