Month: October 2015

Be Scared and Be Scarier

Halloween brings back joyful childhood memories! Most of us ignore the serious religious origins of Halloween to weirdly enjoy being scared or scaring others. It has even become a universal celebration and also a business to come up with the creepiest costumes, disguises and decorations. You want to play along but are short of inspiration… Read More »

Accessories do the trick

I like accessories which are statement pieces with original colors or cuts, but not the overwhelming bling-bling types though. Accessories should be subtle and not stand out, yet they do not look overfamiliar – you won’t find anything similar around you. As I slipped into a black jeans, put on a black top and layered… Read More »

The Non-Sexy Look

You can be fashionably sexy but it was not what I had in mind that day. The pieces are straight-cut, suggesting only little of the silhouette. A little cleavage but not revealing much bare skin overall. I could have even closed the collar for an edgier look. The pastel and natural colors are passe-partout. It… Read More »

HEADs up!

Every year around October, HEAD school in Geneva showcases fashion creations of Bachelor and Master degree students. Sponsor of the event, MAC cosmetics, invited me to the show and also backstage to have a look at the makeup process. Instead of explaining how everything runs behind the scene, I ran a simple Q&A with Mac’s… Read More »

Blaast from The Past

I am enchanted by fashion pieces that have a story behind their creation. It can be about what inspired the design, or who has worn them (especially for vintage pieces). This year’s seventies trend is about (re)discovering what has fascinated an entire generation. When my mum first saw me with my Miu Miu sunglasses, she… Read More »

I ♥ Lausanne Street Style

Switzerland is avant-garde in luxury watches, but falls behind somewhat in the fashion scene. Although I keep up with trends of the fashion capitals, I also go along with the flow of my city. Lausanne street style is rather casual, part urban part hipster with fashionable pieces that hint at trendiness. This outfit is an… Read More »

Just as #IHaveThisThingWithFloors, I started this season obsessing over turtleneck tops. I actually used to hate them. I felt bothered around the neck as if I couldn’t breathe. Looking back, it seemed I hadn’t chosen the right design. Then, I found this super comfortable H&M model in a soft supple material with a short mock… Read More »

  Pro Fiber – that is L’Oréal Professionnel’s new program with a technology called “Aptyl 100” to renew damaged hair and make the effect long-lasting. A few days ago, I had the chance to test the claim, and it was exactly what I needed! My hair has become dry since I recently dyed my ends… Read More »

Villars, Hotel RoyAlp

Villars is a small charming village in the Swiss Alps that holds wonderful memories for me. I lived and attended school there for five years. So, going to the Chalet RoyAlp Hotel & Spa (literally a stone throw from where we used to lived) was a little trip back in time. It is located next… Read More »

In Praise of Leather

Pictures by David F. I love leather – it has character, is comfortable and endures years without a wrinkle. However, it is a tricky to wear. It can be overpowering to make you look overdressed or vulgar. Styling this original-looking leather dungaree from H&M AW15 Studio Collection is quite a challenge. I cut it from… Read More »