Bustier Overall Sees Light of Day

Shopping is loads of fun. But styling what you’ve just bought is even more exciting. So I usually wear the new items right away. Lately though I felt like waiting for the right occasion to bring out this Esprit bustier overall which I got a few weeks ago. It is black with silky material and straight cuts – normally best worn in evenings. However, I held up until now to show you how nice it would look as a day wear.
To bring a cool and edgy twist to a very chic piece, I contrast it against casual material and cuts, for example here with this Levi’s jacket from La Redoute. I echoed the faux-fur detail with the Minelli brogues. Finally I casted a little color with a burgundy H&M mini cross-body bag and MAC “Heart Aflame” lipstick. Now, who says bustier overalls are only for evenings!
Minelli brogues
Esprit overall
Levi’s denim jacket (available here)
H&M bag